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How to become successful and good frozen grouper exporters? In today fishing industry and business, grouper fish is one of the most important commodities for export and import transactions. The best advantages to sell grouper fish either as wholesalers, distributors, or retailers is that grouper fish is highly valued by so many people because they offer delicious mild flavor and nutritional benefit contents. Moreover, the chance for the fish sold out is higher because the fish is highly demanded on the market.
7 tips for doing business as frozen grouper exporters
Of course the first thing you need to do is find good stock of grouper fish before you sell them to the buyers. Become frozen grouper exporters are quite challenging since you need to offer high quality seafood in the most reasonable price because there are many competitors who doing the same. The first choice to get good source for grouper fish is of course from the fishermen where they caught the fish wildly in the ocean. Second option is to get grouper fish by build grouper farming which is mean you need a lot of budget or you can simply buy from other grouper farms.
Here are some useful tips for you to help your frozen grouper exporters business:
1.      You need to research for your target market
You need to find which countries are in high demand of grouper fish. European Union is the biggest importer of seafood in the world and thus you likely have good chance to sell to various countries in there. Europe can become your important target market when you want to export seafood including grouper fish. Before you start to market the product there you need to collect information such as which countries to target and which channel you want to use. You need to do market research to gather such information.
2.      You should comply with buyer requirements
When you want to export seafood product then you should learn about their national law such as terms and conditions so you will be able to export the grouper fish in the targeted countries. Europe market especially has highly structured legal framework when it comes to imported seafood. They need to make sure the food production, food safety, and other export import elements so the fish is safe to be sold and consumed. Sometime you also need some approval and get certificate before you can export the goods.
3.      Be careful of the contracts, pay terms, and agreements
Many buyers especially those who need large amount of grouper fish for their business will most likely set up a contract to you. With good agreement, the buyers can be sure about your professionalism and reliability. It will also protect your business and thus if your buyers are okay just by exchanging e-mails which is mean they do not need contract, however you can still offer a contract. It is according to your interest or preference. But, please be careful when make a contract especially since you will sell seafood because fish is a perishable product and this is means the delivery of the product should happen fast. If there is no time for a long contract, you should mention it on the contract and the buyers.
4.      You should select a good transportation and logistics
The most important part when you want to become trusted frozen grouper exporters is that you need to select a good transportation and logistics solution. If you sell fresh grouper fish then the fastest delivery is by air, however if you sell frozen goods then you have more options to deliver the fish such as by ship, truck, cargo, fast track container, and so on. You need to ask yourself which transportation is the most suitable to deliver the product to the customers outside your country. The fastest the transportation then the better it will be.
5.      Look out for modern technological facilities
Modern technologies can help you to run the business in a better way especially if you sell frozen goods. For example, maybe you need blast freezers tech to freeze the grouper fish properly so they are not quickly spoilage or you want to have machine that be able to cut the fish fillets quickly. You should look out for any possible modern tech facilities which going to produce better business and product.
6.      Choose the right channel and price
Consider your competitors when set the price of your grouper fish. You might want to become cheap frozen grouper exporters that sell high quality fish in the most affordable amounts; however you also need to think about whether you will get a good amount of profit by setting the price in such manner. Generally, fish price is trended by the supply and demand condition in the market and thus you also need to watch out for the worldwide supply and demand. Furthermore, if this is your first try to become exporters, finding and building good relationship with other wholesalers and trading partners will be advantaged. You can learn and gain experience from them. In addition, it is important as well for you to find the right market channel. To do so, you need to reflect on your factory state, production capacity, and certification status.
7.      You need to develop good image for your companies
Be honest, transparent, and professional will help you to build good image for your companies. It will make your reputation in front of the buyers becomes better. It is a good idea to get many certifications as well such as certification for food safety standards, sustainability, and many more. And if there is anything wrong with the grouper fish that you want to sell, you should be honest and tell the buyers immediately.
Those are seven tips for you to manage and become successful frozen grouper exporters. You also need to have professional website and contact so your potential buyers will be able to contact you as soon as possible. Respond them well and whenever they ask something regarding your seafood product, you can tell useful information for them. It will build good reputation when you run the business.

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