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Grouper Fish Manufacturers Steady Supply to the Market

You might want to know how grouper fish manufacturers are able to supply large amount of product every time without any delay or difficulties. But actually this can be done easily since the manufacturer can farm the grouper fish in special environment. Then they are able to grow tons of grouper fish in one harvest which make them also able to supply those fishes to the market. So you do not need to be surprised when the supply of grouper fish product in the market is always stabile. Since the farming process done by the manufacturer makes all of the process become easier for them to fulfill demands in the market.

Farming Method Used by Grouper Fish Manufacturers
If you are curious, then we will talk more about how the grouper fish manufacturers are able to farm this fish for the market. The farming is actually done using juvenile grouper fish as in this stage the fish will be easier to adapt into the farming environment. The farming itself will be done using pond or can also be done in net cage. The smallest fingerling will be stored inside nursery place in those environments ready for farming. For the pond, it can be created in 100 m times 100 m in size with 1 m to 1.5 m for the deep. This pond will then be used to store the fingerling grouper which used to farm.
The fingerling grouper, which used in farming is usually still in 5 cm until 7 cm on the length. This is why for every sq meter that the manufacturer uses on the pond, they can use 100 fingerling fish. Then while staying inside this pond, the manufacturer will give them frozen fish as the feed. After around fourteen days until one month time, then the fingerling can grow to be 10 cm until 12 cm on the length. This is the time when the manufacturer will give to them trash fish as the feed. After some time, then the manufacturer will change again their feed using vitamins, minerals as well as fish meals. This will make them grow to be 15 cm until 20 cm on the length. Actually in this length this means they already grow into fry which is ready to move into different place for growing such as net floating cage as well as pond for growing which filled with brackish water.
As there are two kinds of growing place which used by the grouper fish manufacturers, then we will fish talk about the net cage. This place is used when the growing is done in area where there is natural brackish water which usually happens near the shore area. But of course, the shore should not have any predators of the grouper fish around which can threaten the farming process. The wind as well as the wave in the area should also be strong and the water exchange should be enough for the area to be suitable for the grouper fish growing.
And of course, the quality of the water should be suitable for the grouper fish growing as the fish need specific parameter of the water in order for them to grow better. For one, the temperature of the water should in between the 27 Celsius degree as well as 30 Celsius degree. The oxygen inside the water should also in 5 mg/liter with the salinity level is in between 26 percent to the 30 percent. Meanwhile the ph meter should also in 7.8 points to the 8.3 points. Thus before using the place for growing the grouper fish, then the manufacturer need to check the quality of the water in the area to ensure all parameters are right.
Another thing that the net cage grouper fish manufacturers need to do is to construct the net cage used to store the grouper fishes inside. This net cage is made using bamboo for the pole part then polyethylene for the net part. The net part itself is consisted of two separate panels. The first one is actually a square panel used to make the four edge of the cage. Then the second one is actually a panel used to make the bottom surface of the cage. This cage will then be secured into the pole using rope very tight. Then buoyancy also added which created from plastic gallons that actually also secured into the pole using rope.
The result that the manufacturer will get when using this method will highly depend on the environment of the net cage as well as several other factors such as feeding and the quality of the water. But in optimal environment, then 75 sq meter net cage can yield for the manufacturer 600 kilos result. This will take around seven month until the manufacturer can harvest the grouper fish from the time they were fist farm.
The second method that the grouper fish manufacturers can use is the pond method which can be done in any area. The one that the manufacturer needs to pay attention closely is the density inside the pond that is why most ponds will use 2 meters as the deep. The bottom part of the pond will also be leveled since it is useful when the harvesting time arrived. Actually the size of the pond itself can vary according to the sizing wanted by the manufacturer. But usually they will create around 0.2 hectare minimum to 0.3 hectare maximum size with 1.5 m for the height.
When using this method, then surely the result is larger, compared to the previous method. This is understandable as the farming area itself is also large. For every hectare of the pond size, then the manufacturer will get 19 tons to 20 tons. This comes from 40,000 fry which grows inside the pond at one time. The weight of each grouper fish is usually at around 600 to 800 grams. That is why; the grouper fish manufacturers can gain a lot of profit when farming the grouper fish using this method so they can supply the market anytime they harvest.

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