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Grouper Fillets Recipes

There are so many ways to cook grouper fillets recipes: pan fried, baked, broiled, steamed, grilled, and poached. This fish has a mildly sweet taste with firm texture and can be varied based on their sizes, colors, and genera. Grouper fish is warm tropical water which can be found in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic States, Gulf of Mexico, South America, and Central America. The most popular grouper consumed by many people is the red grouper.
Red grouper is not only delicious, but the fish is also packed with full of nutrition. It contains a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, the grouper fish offers high level of protein, minerals, and vitamins. These healthy nutrients are essential to maintain your health especially if you are on diet. Now, we have about ten cooking methods and recipes which you can try when you want to add grouper to your meals.

10 grouper fillets recipes worth to try
Grouper is best when pan fried and it is also the one of the simplest cooking method to try. Although adding oils and seasonings may add higher calories, but if you do not mind that then you will get a delicious pan fried grouper fish ready for your meal. However, if you prefer healthier cooking method then you can just broil the grouper fish, it still tasty though.
Below are several ways to cook and prepare grouper fish, you can find some delicious grouper fillets recipes which match with these recommendations, enjoy:
1.      Grilled grouper with additional herbs and a bit lemon
This kind of grilled grouper fish recipe is really ideal for lunch or dinner. It is not only delicious, but also healthy. Grill grouper fish does not take a lot of time so it is simple to prepare this recipe, you may just need 10 to 15 minutes from grilling and serving on the plate. What you need to do is just grill the grouper fish, but do not overcook and then sprinkle it with a mix of red pepper, basil, dried fennel seed, parsley, and garlic. To make it tastier, do not forget drizzle olive oil and fresh lemon juice on top of the grouper fish.
2.      Grouper fillets over delicious pasta
Grouper fillets and pasta is a great combination to have! This is a quick way to enjoy grouper fish and if you love pasta, why not making a grouper pasta dish. You just need to cook spaghetti and then add the grouper fish meat with additional seasonings such as tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, ground black pepper, and garlic butter sauce.
3.      Grouper Caprese
It is a simple grouper recipes made from fresh and healthy ingredients, really worth to try! This is a perfect recipe for parents in their busy days that do not have much time to prepare healthy and delicious meals for the family. It also good to be served for the kids since grouper Caprese contain healthy nutrients and not to mention it is ideal for those in a weight lose diet because it contains lower carb as well!
4.      Grilled grouper with some oranges and olives
If you want to experience delicious summer meal then you should try grouper fillets recipes with some oranges and olives. This simple and easy to prepare recipe served in Mediterranean style. You only need about 15 minutes to cook and serve it. Just find a big and juicy grouper fillets fish and then grill them with additional seasonings such as onion rings, saline olives, and zesty tangerine. This is a one recipe that will look so good on lunch or dinner.
5.      Grouper fish tacos with lemon butter!
Do you love tacos? If yes then you should try this grouper fish tacos recipe! It only needs ten minutes to prepare the dish. It is also healthy with flavorful taste. When you eat it, it will offers flaky, white, and firm texture with mild delicious flavor. The additional sweet citrus tang of lemon butter surely adds the magic to the overall flavor!
6.      Pecan crusted grouper
If you prefer to have mild and light grouper fillets meals then try the pecan crusted grouper fish recipe! The grouper fillets recipes crusted in ground crispy pecans and then pan sauté in tallow. It has rich flavor with crispy texture which going to burst inside your mouth. You do not need to be afraid if the taste of the fish goes bland and dry, because it will never happen.
7.      Smokey grouper with spinach
If you want to surprise someone special with candlelight dinner then you can prepare DIY smokey grouper with spinach recipe. It is a great dish to be served in a romantic dinner. This is a grouper over spinach, not only it offers delicious taste but the spinach makes it healthier. Sauté the fish and then add smoked paprika and Italian seasoning. If you want to create more unique flavor, you can add white wine and olive oil to the pan as well as butter for more flavorful sauce.
8.      Blackened grouper
You can use fillets or steaks to make this one grouper fish recipe. Just broiled the fish and then add some fresh salads or some grilled vegetables for a totally healthy meal. To keep the texture crispy, pay attention when you broil the fish. You need to broil it under hot broiler only for few minutes so the outside still crispy while the inside have moist and tender white meat. Do not overcook.
9.      Grouper chowder
Want to have warm food in the winter? Try grouper chowder recipe! These special grouper fillets recipes are really simple to try. You just need to make some chowder with spice, potatoes, bell pepper, onions, lime juice, and tomatoes. It is a nice meal to have after a long day when you tired due to extra work.
10.  Grouper with tomato braised fennel
Try this red grouper fillets recipes by served the fish with some Citrus Tomato Sauce. This is a meal you want to try during summer when you spending a lot of time in a hot day. It offers subtle and sweet flavor with tomato to provide a backbone. The fennel on top of the fish serves the grouper fish nicely.
You can try to find and learn more of those grouper fillets recipes in the kitchen and make delicious and healthy dishes!

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