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Where to buy grouper fish both in fresh and frozen condition? The quality of grouper fish is depends not only from the places you buy them but also how the sellers handle and store the fish. This is why looking for good quality and reputable grouper suppliers is a must when you want to get your hands on the best grouper seafood.
Unfortunately, not everyone have an access for good quality grouper fish, maybe you live in small town or in rural area where it is very limited to get high quality seafood, let alone the grouper. The first choice to get grouper fish when you have limited places to visit then of course is the supermarket. However, you need to pay attention when buying grouper in such market because not all the seafood has premium quality. Here are some simple guides you may want to follow.
Understanding where to buy grouper and select for the best
It is important for you to make sure that the grouper you want to buy has been stored and handled properly by the suppliers. This is also will reduce the risk of food borne illness. When you want to purchase grouper, only buy fresh fish if they are iced and refrigerated properly. The fresh grouper in supermarket should be displayed on top of thick ice bed and their appearance should be bright with clear eyes and shiny scales. Their texture should be firm and no discoloration.
When you select fillets over whole fish then grouper fillets should have shiny flesh with firm texture and there is no slime or mucus. Moreover, the fillets should not appear dry and dark especially around the edges. If you choosing frozen fish instead then do not buy it when you found out that the package is already torn and crushed.
Supermarket is where to buy grouper fish when you cannot get fresh grouper on the boat or fishmonger. Please pay attention on these several considerations when you want to buy grouper fish in grocery stores or supermarket:
·         Check for the information and sustainability
There are several things you need to check when buy grouper at supermarket. First, the fish need to have clear and detailed information regarding their source: they were wild caught or farmed as well as caught with sustainable fishing method or not. Just like we already mentioned above, you have to check for their appearance. Use your sense to smell the fish, touch the smell, and see the fish. Do not buy the grouper fish if they are sold in very low price, you should be suspicious because the chance the supermarket offer old fish is high with unreasonable low price.
·         Buying frozen fish is better than fresh?
If you cannot buy high quality fresh grouper then it is always better to go frozen. When you far away from the sea or coastal area, you will rarely find good quality of fresh seafood including grouper so why need to bother yourself to find fresh fish if you can pick frozen grouper instead.
Where to buy grouper frozen? Of course, you can find it in supermarket too and they are usually displayed in the seafood freezer section. Check for the frozen grouper fish and they also need to be stored in separate section or area from other fish or seafood to prevent contamination.
During the day, it is not uncommon that the fresh grouper displayed on the counter is already smell stink, pre-frozen, or thawed and they are not in good quality to be consumed. That’s why it is better to purchase frozen grouper because they would not be so damaged.
Choosing the right frozen grouper is another challenge because not all the frozen seafood is handled with care. It is better to not purchase frozen fish which placed in Styrofoam tray and then simply wrap with plastic and then tossed into the freezer. They are most likely get freezer burn. The only exception to buy vacuumed packaged grouper is when on the label it says ‘flash frozen’ which is mean that the grouper is quickly frozen on boat right after caught. Once the fish is immediately frozen in super cool temperature, they will stay in good condition for a long time, even when they are not vacuum packaged.
·         Pay attention to their origin
Look at the information about where the grouper is caught. The true grouper can be found in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic waters as well as Indonesia waters. They are abundant there and tons of grouper fish is harvested each year because they are such important commodity for aquamarine and fishing industry.
Here is the deal, not all countries handle their grouper in the right way. Some of the country offer farmed grouper and they are more toxins than local grouper. That’s why; when you want to eat grouper then do not forget to ask for their origin. It is very essential to follow the guides especially if you buy imported grouper.
Where to buy grouper online? Online grouper market means that you may get frozen grouper without limited information of their origin. This is why, you need to look for trusted suppliers that can provide you with full information about how they handle and store the grouper fish. More importantly, when you want to buy imported fish ask whether they already follow all of the terms and conditions to sell safe and edible fish from your country regulators.
For conclusion, the likely place you can get the grouper fish is supermarket or online suppliers. Of course there is other better option which is visit the sea and buys directly from the fishermen, however it needs more effort if you live far away from the ocean.
That’s why, it is okay to buy from online or market suppliers as long as you know how to select the best grouper fish. Where to buy grouper in good condition and top quality depending on how you select the fish, even when you can purchase on boat, you still need to make smart considerations when choosing the best seafood.

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